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$10 flat rate shipping within Canada

Roasted in Montréal

We do Wholesale Differently

Rather than a traditional menu of rotating offerings, P.S. Coffee curates exclusive coffee programs based on desired taste profiles, regions, and social impact propositions, all of which is sourced via our import partner Semilla Coffee.

The goal at P.S. Coffee is to bring our clients closer to the people who grow and harvest their coffee, with the aim of cultivating long-term relationships that can offer consistency and reliability for all parties in the coffee value stream.

By serving as the conduit between consumers and coffee lovers in North America and passionate coffee producers in the coffee belt, PS Coffee is able to offer unique coffees to you - our wholesale clients - so that you can in turn share them in exclusivity with your everyday customers.

If you're interested to connect with members of the P.S. Coffee producer network, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.