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Roasted in Montréal

Zoom La Resistencia Decaf
Zoom La Resistencia Decaf

La Resistencia Decaf

$17.00 CAD


Swiss Water Process Decaf ¹
Catuai, Guatemala ²

As part of our ongoing support of Café Colis Resistencia, we also source our decaf directly from this group. In addition to buying micro-lots from single producers, blended community lots are purchased and sent to Burnaby where they undergo Swiss Water Process decaffeination, and most importantly, it allows us to increase our volume of purchase, and accept a broader range of lots.

Be prepared to be surprised — this ain’t your momma’s decaf. We find a cup that’s densely sweet and rich, like brownies and almonds.

¹ Processing & Varietal

This decaffeinating process involves soaking the green coffee in water in order to remove the volatile organic compounds within the seeds. The caffeine is then filtered from this solution before the seeds are then re-infused with the remaining compounds. It’s a solvent-free and more environmentally sustainable form of decaffeination than most that exist, and it allows us to offer extra support to the group.

² Region of Origin

Catuai, Guatemala ²

Adjusted for inflation, the real commodity price of coffee in 2016 was 82 cents per pound and little has changed since then.

This is not that coffee.

Meet Café Colis Resistencia

Café Colis Resistencia is a group of multi-generational coffee producers who are working towards developing an international market for their coffee.

This small group of Indigenous Xinka farmers are not only are they fierce land defenders, protecting their territories from the incursion of illegal mining, but they have spent too many years selling their coffee for nothing.

Despite incredible adversity, the steps this group has taken are revolutionary. Multiple of these growers now have loyal clients and are finally gaining access to the knowledge and support and capital they need to actuate their desires, but there is still a long way to go.

Read Their Story