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The People & Communities Who Produce Your Coffee

All the coffee on our menu is made possible by grower communities in Guatemala, Honduras, Rwanda, and Colombia. These skilled and passionate producers have dedicated their lives to coffee. Not only do they share an unwavering commitment to quality, but they help shape community support structures — creating new opportunities for themselves to access the specialty coffee market.

We are continually inspired by their resilience and innovation and are honoured to share their stories & coffees with you.

Café Colis Resistencia,

Within Mataquescuintla and its surrounding area, nearly 90% of the population identifies as a coffee producer and yet, almost none of these producers have access to an international market.

Café Colis Resistencia fights to change that.

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Montecillos, Honduras

Located in the remote, soaring peaks of the Montecillos mountain range are communities of generational Honduran coffee-growers. For years, these producers had no idea what the true value of their coffee was and as such, sold it this way unaware there were other opportunities. The tide shifted since working alongside Semilla who has helped support their transition into specialty processing — and the results have been remarkable.

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Baho Coffee,

The sole provider of African coffee on the P.S. Menu, Baho Coffee’s impact and commitment to Rwandese specialty coffee is paradigm shifting.

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Monkaaba is a producer-led training and support organization based in San Agustin, Huila.

Their aim is to connect with small producers who have been historically unable to access a market outside of selling in parchment for local market prices, or worse, selling their coffee cherries in their raw, depulped form.

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