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Roasted in Montréal

Our Mission

We're a Montreal-based specialty coffee roaster offering alternative ways to learn, think and connect with your daily cup of coffee.

Coffee isn’t just a beloved beverage. It doesn’t begin when you make your morning brew, or end when you take the last sip. And yet, like most food and beverages we consume, we understand little about its journey from origin to cup and the impact it has along the way.
At P.S., we move away from prevailing specialty coffee models and work towards a value stream that supports autonomy, agency and access for coffee producers through equity-focused partnerships. 

P.S. Coffee Producer Network

All the coffee on our menu is made possible by grower communities and producers in Rwanda, Honduras, Guatemala and Colombia. These skilled and passionate producers have dedicated their lives to coffee. Not only do they share our unwavering commitment to quality but they help shape community support structures that are creating new opportunities and access for themselves within the specialty coffee market.

Members of Café Colis Resistencia in Mataquescuintla, Guatemala (Photo: Louis Bockner)

Afrodis Munyangaju, manager of Baho Coffee's Fugi washing station in Western Province, Gakenke District, Rwanda

Sourced by Semilla

Our coffees are sourced in conjunction with our sister company, Semilla Coffee, who holds multi-year relationships with these grower communities.

Built on the principles of support and advocacy, Semilla works in close collaboration with these groups to listen to what they need to succeed - from meeting the prices they request, to investing in a physical and intellectual infrastructure that will allow them to thrive in this market.

Learn More About Semilla

We’re here to do our part in encouraging a deeper connection with everyone along the coffee value stream. This is slow and steady work. A road few have travelled. But to us, coffee is more than a product. It’s an opportunity to support and actualize a more equitable consumer system.