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Zoom Moccamaster Coffee Filters
Zoom Moccamaster Coffee Filters

Moccamaster Coffee Filters

$10.00 CAD

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100-count #4 white paper coffee filters for Moccamaster coffee maker.
These top-quality paper filters are made in the Netherlands according to Technivorm’s precise specifications. The filters are bonded without using any chemicals or glues – and they’re naturally whitened using a bleach-free, oxygen-based method.


- #4 cone-shaped filters
- 100 per box
- For use in all 1 L and 1.25 L Moccamaster coffee brewers
- Whitened using a bleach-free, oxygen-based method
- No glues or chemicals used to bond filters
- Made in the Netherlands

About White Coffee Filters
Moccamaster oxygen whitened filters are the perfect choice for clean, crisp coffee. Brown unbleached filters may leave a “cardboard” taste in your coffee, while permanent wire-mesh type filters can quickly clog with coffee oils. A clogged filter may result in your brew basket overflowing or steeping the coffee too long, potentially resulting in over-extracted bitter-tasting coffee.

We recommend rinsing your filter before use to help it stay open while filling and to ensure that any residual paper flavor is washed away.

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