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Roasted in Montréal

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Deep'n Delicious

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Washed Catuai & Pache San Ramon¹
Miguel Rodriguez, Mataquescuintla, Guatemala²

The best coffee isn’t always the most unique, but the one that keeps us coming back, time after time. It’s the coffee we like to call 'eminently chuggable'.

For us, that coffee is always produced by the small group of Indigenous Xinka farmers we work with in Mataquescuintla, Jalapa, Guatemala. Not only are they fierce land defenders, protecting their traditional territories from the incursion of illegal mining, but they are also multi-generational coffee producers who had spent too many years selling their coffee for nothing.

Now, it’s our pleasure to feature the production of Don Miguel Rodriguez, a key figure in the Xinka Resistance, as our mainstay blend - Deep’n Delicious. Its deep notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and brown sugar make it the classic, approachable coffee that’s perfectly prepared as filter or espresso, but not if you want only one cup.

¹ Processing & Varietal

Washed Catuai & Pache San Ramon

² Region of Origin

Mataquescuintla, Guatemala

P.S. Blends

Roasted to bring out an undeniable flavour expression, Apple Pie, Toasté, and Deep’n Delicious are straight to the point. That means no more scratching your head at obscure notes you can’t seem to recognize in your own cup. Just dependable, flavour-forward coffee that builds bridges between the cupping table and the coffee pot.

Adjusted for inflation, the real commodity price of coffee in 2016 was 82 cents per pound and little has changed since then.

This is not that coffee.

Meet the Producer Who Made This Coffee

Don Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel himself is a lynchpin of this community. One of the heads of the Xinka parliament, he is omnipresent in all meetings, at the resistance point, and whenever bodies are needed to protest. He is one of the elders of the group, and it’s clear that his words are always taken with seriousness and attention. A man who has truly put his life on the line for his community, his traditions, and his values is one that Semilla & P.S. Coffee are more than honoured to represent.

Miguel is a pillar in the Café Colis Resistencia — a group of multi-generational coffee producers who are working towards developing an international market for their coffee.

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Mataquescuintla, Guatemala (Photo: Louis Bockner)