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Roasted in Montréal

Zoom Esnaider Ortega-Gómez
Zoom Esnaider Ortega-Gómez

Esnaider Ortega-Gómez

$18.00 CAD


Washed Yellow Caturra¹
La Muralla, San Agustín, Huila, Colombia²

It’s an honour for us to share yet another special coffee from the Ortega-Gómez family. This single-origin coffee offers smooth notes of white melon, cherry floral, and caramel.

¹ Processing & Varietal

Washed Yellow Caturra

² Region of Origin

La Muralla, San Agustín, Huila, Colombia

Coffee production has come to be a dominant agricultural product in Colombia and Huila province is now the largest coffee-producing zone. In San Agustin alone, 6000 of these producers dot the picturesque mountains. Driving through winding dirt roads draped in cloud, one can spot the deep dark green of coffee trees growing up the steep inclines - Caturras, Colombias, Castillos; Typicas and Pink Bourbons.

70% of the world’s coffee is grown by smallholders who often can’t afford their basic costs of living due to low prices.

This is not that coffee.

Meet the Producer Who Made This Coffee

Esnaider Ortega-Gómez

Esnaider Ortega-Gómez is more than a coffee producer to P.S., he’s a dear friend with whom we have shared many hours in deep conversations around life, coffee, and philosophy.

Esnaider's father, Don Olgar, is a man of great respect in San Agustín and his grandfather is one of the earliest coffee-growing generations in the region. To say that coffee is in the blood of this family would be an understatement.

Esnaider Ortega-Gómez's newest initiative, Monkaaba, is aimed at educating small producers so that they can better advocate for themselves and connect to a broader specialty market.

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